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June 6th, 2012 | The Buzz
Right before the Premiere @AshBenzo answered some questions via Twitter! Here are some of our favorites!




@my_pll asked: Who is the most fun on the set?
@AshBenzo: shay n I constantly dance n make videos to entertain ourselves.




@Feleycim asked: if you could eat only one thing the rest of your life, what would it be? :)

@AshBenzo:Anything Chocolate and ice cream




@Jessieeeee17 asked: how long into the season is it going to take to find out who the black swan is?

@AshBenzo: Not sure. I’m dying to find out




@gabyxcore asked: is Hanna’s diet still a big ass bowl of Cocoa Puffs?

@AshBenzo: Hahahahaha she loves her cereal




@Kelsadork asked: If you weren’t hanna, which character would you want to play and why?

@AshBenzoHmmmm probably spencer. She’s rad.




@thatalovatic asked : whats your favorite food?

@AshBenzo: Everything but Chinese indian and Thai food




@TAC0SAURUS asked :If you could steal any of the other liars boyfriends who would it be?

@AshBenzo: Hmmmm Toby wren or wilden




@JDBieberITALYx  asked: do you like italy?

@AshBenzo: Love Italy. Can’t wait to go there.




@swagmastaa_1D  asked: yellow M&M’s or brown? :) xxx

@AshBenzo: hmmmmm yellow




@KeeganAddiction asked: Can you describe @KeeganAllen using one word?

@AshBenzo: Lovely


Make sure to check out ALL the answers on Ashley’s twitter!




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