Benzoholic Of The Week: Savannah

July 26th, 2012 | The Buzz

This weeks amazing Benzoholic is Savannah! Check out what she wrote.


“I Consider myself a Benzoholic as I think Ashley is absolutely amazing. You never hear stories about her like most other celebrities and I have to say she is an inspiring person. I first seen Ashley on Days of our Lives and ever since then I’ve been a fan.

Ashley always looks like she’s having so much fun and I feel like in Pretty little liars everybody loves Hanna’s character shes sarcastic and witty. which is why i probably like hanna’s character more than anybody else as she relates to my own personality. I Feel like she is my biggest inspiration her smile is something that could light up a room.

I’m also a massive Lakers fan like Ashley. She has an amazing fashion sense and I’d love to know where she gets all of her clothes from because she looks perfect in everything. I Love the fact Ashley is so down to earth. I’ll always support Ashley in whatever she did she’s absolutely stunning. Id love to meet Ashley in person to tell her just how much she inspires me. I love you ashley ! <3″


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