Benzoholic of The Week: Rianna

August 9th, 2012 | The Buzz

This weeks amazing Benzoholic is Rianna! Check out what they wrote. 
“I’m one of the newer Benzoholics but i don’t think that should matter cus I’m absolutely in LOVE with Ashley. From the first time I saw her in a magazine to when I started watching pretty little liars i got bitten by the benzo bug. She’s absolutely AMAZING. Just watching videos of her puts the biggest smile on my face because she’s such a genuine, down to earth person. She’s not afraid to dance all crazy and just be herself and it makes me happy just to see her show that she’s just like me. I’m not a creeper but I’m pretty sure I’ve watched almost all the videos she’s in! Sometimes when I watch PLL and she cries i want to cry too! I just find her so intriguing and beautiful.
If i ever got the chance to meet her I couldn’t even imagine what I’d do.
I’m SO in love with her its crazy. I probably sound CRAZY but it’s just she’s like fdkah;glldasfj;kdalsgh;aldjfklads;hg;lafa (In a good way:)
But I can’t wait to see her aspire as an actress
and hopefully get a shout out from her that will
Rianna (Rii) :D  


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