Benzoholic of The Week: Marissa

July 12th, 2012 | The Buzz

This weeks amazing Benzoholic is Marissa and we couldn’t agree more with what she had to say! Check out what she wrote!


“I am without a doubt a true Benzoholic for so many reasons. I take what Ashley does in her acting career and her actual life and use it as an inspiration and motivation for my own. Without people like her i would never have as much confidence that i do now. Her personality traits are so precious and make me want to know her in real life. She is one of those people that if you don’t even actually know them you can tell that you would automatically like them if you met them. I see her as sweet, caring, determined, funny, bubbly, stylish, encouraging, dedicated, loving, and so many more wonderful things that truly make her one of a kind. From veiwing her videos i can tell that she would be the life of any party. She shows people that if you work hard for what you want then you can achieve anything. She worked hard, and she was gifted with an amazing role as Hanna on Pretty Little Liars. She is determined to do her best every time she is in front of the camera and it clearly shows from watching the episodes. Acting is a dream i want to pursue as well, so now that I’ve seen Ashley’s accomplishments i believe that i can have some great ones of my own some day. I now know that my dreams can come true and it was all because of her. Her sense of style is outstanding and she is honestly one of the most gorgeous people i have ever seen in my life. I like fashion too, so i love that we have that in common! For these reasons, i am a true Benzoholic. Love you Ash!”
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