Benzoholic Of The Week: Emily

August 23rd, 2012 | The Buzz

This weeks amazing Benzoholic is Emily! Check out what she wrote.
“The thing is, no, I don’t have a fan site, facebook page, or twitter account dedicated to Ashley. But that doesn’t make me less of a Benzoholic then anyone else. No, I haven’t met her. No, she doesn’t follow me on Twitter, but she’s still my idol, and my inspiration. I’m a huge fan and I’ll continue to support her forever. Being Benzoholic of the week would mean the world to me. <3 (I still remember when she was on Bring It On. Miss those days, but I love her on PLL.) xxxx
-Twitter: @EmilyYao


Do you want to be next week’s Benzoholic? 
We want to know if YOU consider yourself an Ashley Benson Fan! Tell us why and you could be featured on her website and get a shout out from Ashley! Get creative and show us that Benzoholic spirit!


Do you have an Ashley Benson fan site, facebook fan page or twitter account? Let us know!
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