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June 14th, 2012 | The Buzz

On Tuesday night on Ashley’s twitter she retweeted ten lucky fans! Check them out! What are your thoughts of the newest season of Pretty Little Liars so far? Agree with any of the below?


Make sure to follow Ashley for a chance to be Retweeted next time!


@AileenLynee wrote: i love how they dress @AshBenzo as hanna on #PrettyLittleLiars#LOVE !!!


 ‏@JoshiPriyam wrote: @AileenLynee @AshBenzo i love how they dress each of the pretty liars


@JocelyneMelissa wrote: @shaymitch @AshBenzo @lucyyhale I LOVE PLL! The episode was awesome! Ecuador Loves you all ☺


@Vitto_DIOSA wrote: @shaymitch @lucyyhale @AshBenzo From Uruguay look to # PLL is great what they do total happiness :) thank you for this 3rd season!


@aysharmaaa wrote: My suspects are Caleb, Toby, and Wren. You guys are a hot ass mess. I can feel it. #PLL @shaymitch @AshBenzo @lucyyhale


@smvitt wrote: Ending the night with Pretty Little Liars! I love Tuesdays!! @lucyyhale@AshBenzo @shaymitch


BeatrizPereira wrote: PLL is too intense this season I can’t watch it at night.. #PLL@lucyyhale @AshBenzo 


@Omer_Abdi wrote: I called it last season that Jenna was able to see #PLL @AshBenzoSLAP THAT TRICK!!


@Jessloveskaka wrote: “Most of my life I felt alone, even when I was with people…that is until I met you.” — Caleb, Pretty Little Liars @AshBenzo


@pcorpeno wrote: @AshBenzo @shaymitch @lucyyhale @SleepintheGardn i keep repeating the final part when jenna can see!! love the reactions!!#PLL



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