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April 3rd, 2012 | back to: Benzoholic Mission #5: Teen Vogue Photo Contest

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  • Bárbara Ximenes

    You is a lovely girl, I love you Ash.

  • Katrina Mosher

    I love that you Ash took off the heels because I’d do the same exact thing!!

  • Rosario

    I love you!! I´m from Argentina. Here we love PLL. I can´t wait for tomorrow!

    • B.A

      Cool me too!!! But I live in the U.S.

  • Micheal Tattrie

    Hahah,Chillen in your funeral gowns!
    Love you Ashley, Same with you shay ;*

  • Beatriz

    hi!! i am a big fan yours , i from portugal , algarve , one day you can came here we have a good beach in faro :D D

  • Madison

    Hey!! I think you are an amazing actress!!! I’m from Alaska and just recently started watching pll on Netflix but I am on season 4 now. Looking forward to tonight’s episode!

  • Gabbyy

    The fashion is in your blood ! Love u ! Kisses from Bulgaria


    i love u ashley . really abyss. u r perfect & so cute . from -A-

  • damani tenn

    I’m from canada and I’m a big. Fan and really want to meet you

  • Guest

    i love so much PLL and everyday i attend to see an episode :) i’m so il love with it and you’re so cute! i love you!


    I love u,Ash)pll is one of the amazing series now…u look cool always…with love from Belarus)

  • Mamag Wrapme

    O man I think they are using It Works facial wraps :) This is so random and amazing … I love this show and they use my products ….that’s awesome :)

  • Troian Bellisario ily

    New Zealand loves pretty little liars!

    • Hungariangirl

      and Hungary too :)

  • Joel

    i want to jizz all over her glasses

  • Ana

    I love PLL too … I always will .. I hope that season 4 is as good as many other … ashley benson .. you are the best lecterns that I’ve seen in my entire life .. love you .. pH would not be the same without you ♥ ♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥3

  • Hunar Barcelona

    I like u very much

  • Hunar Barcelona

    Iam from iraq

  • Hunar Barcelona

    Can you send me request for my Facebook to be my friend

    • theprimadancer101

      Look son, the bitch eats people. Find a nice Iraqi girl.

  • Esperanza

    PLL is life I LOVE YOU

  • Hungariangirl

    Cute :)
    By the way I live in Hngary. We are love PLL too :) <3

  • yasmine

    ashley you are the best , im from morocco and i love you so much ; love shay too !! we are waiting for you to visit us kisses

  • Eliana<3

    Hey Ashley!!I don’t know what to post but I would like to say that You are amazing I love Pretty Little Liars I’m huge fan!! Thanks for your pic and tweets!!Thanks for sharing some moments of you life with us!!We do appreciate it so much!!Kisses and love from Argentina!!YOU ROCK!!

  • Autumn

    uh hi!! im like your biggest fan when I grow up I want to be just like you your my inspiration!

  • Anita123

    Hi Ashley can u come to vancouver plz it’s my dream to see you face to face bye

  • Egisto Ursentini

    La bellezza è fase d’amore.

  • Michelle Sanni Lo

    Hallo i’m from germany and love you soo much you are a wonderful gril sorry for my english it is very bad my name is michellesanni on instargram and on facebook michellesannilo pleas write my back with love michelle ♡

  • Danibridges

    You have amazing style and taste! From Western Australia xoxo

  • Emma

    Love it! You are so beautiful!! <3

  • sergiokiff

    Hi Ashley Coming back from work Many things to tell you

  • sergiokiff

    I missed you all day long
    Please come very soon to France

  • sergiokiff

    How can I know you give me an answer ?

  • sergiokiff

    Haven’t got any fuckin’ foto to post !!!

  • Eva Bettonville

    Please come to Belgium! On ADORE PLL içi, je suis ta plus grande fan!!!!!
    Love love love love love!!!!!!!! <3 <3

  • Femke

    When you come to the Netherlands?
    Amsterdam is great! )

  • Femke

    When you come to the Netherlands?
    Amsterdam is great! )

  • Femke

    When you come to the Netherlands?
    Amsterdam is great! )

  • Femke

    When you come to the Netherlands?
    Amsterdam is great! )

  • Femke

    When you come to the Netherlands?
    Amsterdam is great! )

  • aurelie

    hello, I am French and I speak little English, I’m a fan of you and I am talking to you to learn more about my favorite actress