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August 28th, 2012 | PLL


For this weeks Theory Tuesday it was so hard to pick just a few… Check out what these fans think…do you agree? Disagree? Sound off below!


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“I’m thinking that someone that Emily was once in love with is going to get hurt or new evidence is going to show up. I don’t think A will be the betrayer, but it would be a good twist to have a member of the A-team die. Hmmm…..” - Demetria
“Something definitely directly affects Hanna in this. Maybe Caleb or Ashley. Or maybe even Hanna’s father. My theory is Emily got a text from A asking her to do something and then it went wrong. Paige was with Emily i know so maybe she tagged along. Also in the sneak peak the ambulance says FIRE so my guess is there was an explosion.”- Lexilovesu24
“Emily is talking to the police on the other side of the police tape. As for Alison being dead, I don’t believe for a second she is. I think the police reports were falsified and then the body was stolen from the grave so it couldn’t be exhumed if someone claimed it wasn’t really her.”- Wanda
“Hanna is crying soooo the man/woman was someone really close to her – Caleb, Mona, Ashley and also it can be Lucas. Then comes the question why is Emily on the other side of the tape and also why are her hands in blood? I think that maybe Emily was there when this person was hurt and tried to help and called the ambulance. And last but not least – is it just me or in the sneak peek there were two bodies taken by the ambulance??”- Coconut


“Paige is part of the A team and Emily will betray the rest of the PLL. Emily already lost Ali and Maya…(two people that Paige was jealous of), and she’ll do anything to keep Paige. In the last episode Paige tried to pin the “MZM flask drugging” on Aria, Hanna and Spencer. Paige is definitely trying to turn Emily against her own friends….which just might happen in the finale.


As for an upset Hanna, ‘A’ probably eliminates Caleb because he was helping Hanna and knew too much. Hanna is always A’s target…’A’ hit Hanna with a car and would threaten Hanna (by revealing heavy secrets). ‘A’ is targeting all of the PLL but mostly Hanna. The expressions on Aria’s, Spencer’s and Hanna’s faces tell me that they were betrayed…by Emily.”- Pretty Little Fan


Do you agree? What is your theory?

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