Theory Tuesday

August 14th, 2012 | PLL

We asked and you answered! Here are a few of the theories that you guys told us about! With the Season Finale fast approaching our minds are racing with so many feelings and thoughts. Do you agree with any of them..disagree? Sound off below!


“Hanna and Caleb are definitely back on. Hanna didn’t want to open up and tell the truth and she has spilled the beans now and gained more of Caleb’s trust. Caleb wants nothing more than to protect Hanna and be there for her. The kiss was Wren was done in the heat of the moment and won’t amount to anything. Hanna will tell Wren that nothing more is going to happen. A is running the “A Team” and is definitely more than one person. A is telling the team what tasks they need to go out and do. Spencer and getting into Penn? This could be another interesting development. CeCe is shady too and I honestly don’t think she has helped Spencer in any way and that the email Spencer received was fake. Paige and Em may be together but Paige definitely cannot be trusted. We all know she has a dark side (remember when she tried to drown Emily in the pool?). Wouldn’t surprise me if she killed Maya out of jealousy. I think the betrayal comes down to Paige and how she is linked to the death of Maya”.-  Fiona Foster


 ”I definitely think Caleb and Hanna will be back together. I mean, just look at their faces last episode when they ran into each other!  A is definitely more than one person. I do think there is a head A, though.  Ultimate betrayal? Who knows. I think Ezra is acting pretty weird, though!”- Tiffany Blair


“I happen to like Wrenna better than Haleb…Maybe it’s the accent…probably. I think something happens to Caleb or Ashley in the midseason finale (which is why Hanna was crying in that pic). I think big A is someone no one’s expects like a parent or an adult. I think Jenna is Big A’s associate or right hand man. Jenna seems so suspicious all the time. In the season 2 finale she was talking to Mona in the park. Something has to come out of that. If Hannah takes the blood test and it comes back positive i think Hanna might know why…maybe something happened between them before Ali died? I also think maybe Cece is big A considering Ali told her EVERYTHING. Just for thought…”- lexielovespll24


“I think it will be revealed that Toby is on the A-Team. When he left town he found out about the A-Team and found a way to infiltrate them. So it will look like he committed the ultimate betrayal but really he was just trying to protect Spencer by gaining the A-Team’s trust and learning their secrets. Yes Paige seems sketchy sometimes but I think she genuinely cares about Emily. And wouldn’t it be a little too obvious if she killed Maya to have Emily to herself? No surprise there.. and this show is all about the unexpected.”- Francesca

“This show makes you think one thing but then the total unexpected happens. I think Hanna and Caleb will get back together, they are a perfect match but im afraid if he tries too find out who A is, he may be A’s next victim. Same goes for Toby, in one of the episodes before Jenna even warned Toby to stay away from the girls because they aren’t safe, and she obviously will always care for Toby in some way. I doubt Spencer will get into Penn, that email was A’s doings, i dont trust Ceece at all! A is DEF more than one person, sometimes i feel the book is still part of the show and the one controlling all this is Allisons twin but i feel like who everyone thought Allison was, was originally the twin pretending too be Allison & the real Allison escaped & killed her. And has something against the whole A team because none of them are safe, not just Mona. Paige killed maya i agree she wants emily bad! the betrayal is probably lucus, he is the least expected in this season but was important when he lit the paper on fire in front of hana and the whole photography thing with aria.”- Ariana K. 


Got any to add? Let us hear them!!

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