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February 5th, 2013 | My Blog, PLL

Another Tuesday means another Theory Tuesday! We asked for what your theories were for tonight’s episode and picked just a few to highlight!


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“I don’t want to believe that Emily killed Allison even though it looks like it. I think the A team drugged her. Ezra will be back because he loves Aria, but their relationship won’t be the same. They are going to have a lot of obstacles before their relationship can go back to what it used to be.

I think Ali was pregnant and i think the detective is the father. No, Paige is not cheating on Emily. She is helping Caleb find out who else is in the A team and where they are keeping all of the Liar’s secrets hidden.”- Kelly




“Emily definitely didn’t kill Ali. She was either defending Ali because she was in danger, or the therapist is messing with Emily’s head because someone on the A team is forcing her to do so. Ezra can’t be gone for good, but I do think Aria and Ezra’s relationship is going to be a bit rocky for a while. They might break up because Aria gets suspicious that Ezra is messing around with Maggie

Ali was pregnant. It’s possible that Wilden is the father and that he killed Ali, but that seems too obvious. I think Ali got an abortion with the money she got from Byron. I don’t think Paige is cheating. I think she’s doing some investigating of her own in hopes of finding a way to help Emily.

I think the Private Investigator will find out everything about both Toby, and the rest of the A Team, but then he’s going to get killed for knowing too much, because that’s how things work in Rosewood.”- Ali Love




“I think Dr. Sullivan is altering Emily’s memories and implanting false memories during the meditation necessary… and is making her believe her “repressed” memories (which are false!) are real. It’s a total case of FMS (false-memory syndrome) brought up by the psychotherapy.

We know Toby has a connection to her and he’s on the A-Team so she’s not a character to trust.

I do however think the shovel symbolizes something because we saw a shovel in promotional pictures. Maybe, a foreshadowing that Emily is closer and more emotionally connected to the killer than she ever thought. I do firmly believe that Emily is a victim of manipulative psychotherapy. :) ”- Domi




Agree? Disagree? Sound off below and make sure to tune in tonight to see what will hAppen.

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