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August 21st, 2012 | My Blog, PLL


We had so many great comments from you all about what you think is going on and who you think A is. It was so hard to pick just a few. Check out what these fans thinks…do you agree? Disagree? Sound off below!
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 ”WREN seems to have been close to ALL the girls at ONE point. Remember how he was trying to be with Spencer while she was with Toby and now all of a sudden he wants to be with Hanna. Not going to lie, him and Hanna look hot together but he is just WAY to suspicious. Wren is a doctor who has access to many documents and always seems to be working at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now all of a sudden he is working at Bradley where Mona is staying. VERY suspicious! I honestly think it all comes down to him being A!!!!! Remember Caleb warned Hanna the last episode that A could possibly be some CLOSE to her.”-  Denia


“Theory 1:
Pretty little liars won’t follow the books in the end to surprise us.Jenna will be the one with the twin. There has been several things that have happened over the seasons to make me think this.I think they are “A”, but I think there may be other people being made to help “A”.
Theory 2:
“A” is a group of people all bought together because of their hate for Alison and her friends. So i think that Jenna Melissa and lucas would be a part of it. But i think there might be some surprises.Theory 3:
Jason killed Alison. She had something over him. Maybe she found out the texts she was getting from “A” were off him and threatened to tell.And maybe what was under that plastic in episode 2×02 was Alisons body and she was already moved before the night where Emily ended up at her grave.
Other thoughts:
Nate is not Mayas cousin, he his the guy Maya was seeing that wouldn’t leave her alone.
Jenna is a foe no matter if the twin theory is right or wrong. She’s too suspicious.
Lucas is being somehow bullied by A.
Paige is good.
…..And i think the ultimate BetrAyer will be Hannah when she cheats on Caleb with Wren.”-Kerrie

“I think it should be Aria if it is one of them, because all the people are saying that nothing bad from A happend to Aria. And the only person I remember that A was really helpfull to is Aria. A was the reason why Mr Fitz hadn’t to leave the Rosewood High. And there are really bad things a did to Hanna (like the car accident and with caleb’s mom, loosing her bff, …), Emily (her stomach, loosing Maya,…) and Spencer (the Ian-Thing in the church,…). But we shouldn’t forget, that A is the reason, why Ella know about Byron and Meridith and broke up with him.”-  Nadine


“I think Nate is a part of the A team or at least killed Maya. I mean think about it. Maya said she had a stalker at True North, we never found out who that was. Then they kept calling her, not taking no for an answer. And then she disappears. Emily finds out she was murdered and this mysterious character comes into the picture introducing himself as ‘Maya’s cousin’ Nate. And he tries to get awfully close to Jenna and when she pushes his advances away and insists on giving her the ‘birthday’ present at her house, he gets really creepy. Also he gets mightly close to Emily just when things were doing good between her and Paige..coincidence? I think not. Just because Paige might have bad blood with Alison, doesn’t mean she did anything. If it’s Paige, they are making it too painfully obvious and I don’t think Marlene would do such a silly thing. The promos always try to trick you. But that Nate is a sketchy character.”- Kristina Carlock


Lucas is the betrAyer! Season 2 Episode 13 Lucas tried to kill Ali, because I remember his costume at Noel’s Party.”- Julie Hubbard

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