Planning Early…Coachella 2013!

June 15th, 2012 | My Blog

Is it too soon to start planning for next year’s Coachella Music & Arts Festival? I mean, considering the tix go faster than a stick of butter at Paula Deen’s house (whom I love btw), I thought I should start planning early. The early bird gets the worm… I’m not a fan of worms, but I’m down to prep early for what will be an amazing weekend!



A friend of mine told me about the awesome new search experience on Bing. Pretty much, not only can I search for Coachella and all things related, but only on Bing can I also connect with my Facebook friends and home-slices who have been to Coachella, mentioned Coachella, “liked” Coachella, posted pix about Coachella, visited Palm Springs and, well, you get the idea. Pretty rad! Also, I was able to ask my Facebook friends about next year’s line-up directly on Bing and was able to easily view their responses without ever having to leave the page. So now that my friends have confirmed that Coachella is amazing, I know it’s something I don’t want to miss next year.



Although dates haven’t been announced, I wanted to get an idea of suggestions on where to stay. What hotels are recommended? Is it better to rent a house with friends? Do I stay in Palm Springs or Indio? So many questions! Sooo, I did another search on Bing and found a friend who had a picture from their stay at a hotel in Palm Springs, so I knew immediately that I could ask her.



Seriously, can it get any easier? Next, what the heck am I going to wear?? My girl, Vanessa Hudgens (and cast mate in our upcoming film, Spring Breakers) is a Coachella veteran. I saw this awesome bodychain she wore one year and HAD to know who it was by, so with a click of a mouse and few taps on my keyboard, I was able ask Ness who the designer was directly on the Bing page by tagging her in my post.



Lastly, who am I going to go with?? Obvi I want to go with friends who love the same bands as me, so I did a Bing search on a few of my favorite artists and BAM, I was able to see who else likes them, who’s seen them live or who’s posted pix of them.. The line-up hasn’t been posted yet, but I’d love to see The Black Keys, Cat Power, Skrillex, or even Kanye !



I’ll have to wait until the line-up and exact dates are officially announced, but I’ve got all the technicalities squared away so it’s smooth sailing from here!



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[Coachella ferris wheel photo credit: Melody Darlene]

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